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Last year I graduated from nursing school and began working in a specialized intensive care unit in a large academic hospital.During an orientation class, a nurse who has worked on the unit for six years gave a presentation on the various kinds of strokes. – Police released the identity of a Mount Vernon police officer who was shot in the line of duty Thursday as Mike (Mick) Mc Claughry. that a man had been shot on North La Venture Road and East Fir Street. On Friday morning, hospital officials said he was in critical condition in the intensive care unit.When the officers arrived, they approached a residence, and the suspect began shooting at the officers. Officials were confident about Mc Claughry's condition, and the officer's daughter wrote in a Facebook comment that Mc Claughry is "a fighter.""He is a resilient individual, and I have no doubt he will pull through," said Mount Vernon police Lt. Shortly after midnight Thursday, officers took one suspect and two persons of interest into custody without incident.I also understood the nurses who voice their advocacy of natural death — and their fear of ending up like some of our patients — in regular discussions of plans for DNR tattoos.For example: “I am going to tattoo DO NOT RESUSCITATE across my chest.

His family members began to cry when the judge announced his bail amount.

With his present state of mind and knowing what a lethal dose can do, I think he knew what he was doing (overdosed).

People with chronic mental disorders (speaking from experience) unfortunately take more and more drugs in order to cope with their disorders. I really hope he pulls out of this and gets the counselling he needs in order to recover and cope.

Two teens were also arrested in connection with the shooting.

A 15-year-old male and a 16-year-old male are being held for attempted murder, and bail is set at 0,000 for each of them. on Tuesday to formally charge the three people."It’s a very dynamic situation," said Washington State Patrol Sgt. Police said the suspect is "a violent offender and well known to law enforcement." He fired shots at a SWAT vehicle outside the home throughout the evening.

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Mc Claughry, a 31 year veteran of the force, was shot in the back of the head and taken to Harborview Medical Center. Police say the crime scene is still active as some residents have been asked to leave their homes while investigations continue.

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