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“We were in the middle of class, and we saw cops outside,” Campos said.Campos said she and her classmates remained in their seats during the lockdown, adding that her fears were heightened by mass shootings that have grabbed national headlines every few months.

“What we discovered is the oil we produced from the wastewater algae is of higher quality,” he explains.

Meanwhile, heavily armed officers from the University Police Department — joined by San Jose police and agents from the Department of Homeland Security — assembled outside and spent the next two hours combing the building for the reported gunman. without encountering him and gave the building an all-clear.

Robbie (A)(’13 chem engr) is on the verge of publishing the graduate research he’s pursuing as a Ph D student at the University of Kansas, and it’s already creating a buzz.

Soon after I arrived home people overwhelmingly suggested that I start online dating.

I know it’s their way of taking care of me, they are happily married and want the same for me.

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