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When their hands brushed accidentally, it made them nervous like hell. Here are some steps that can help or train that kind of people to overcome their fear in order to have a better relationship and avoid awkward moments.I just wanted to see how important you think physical contact is in a relationship.Is 6 weeks too early to bring it up again to see how he feels about "officially dating"?Could he just feel a bit awkward about making that transition from friends to dating?

Ok, so I've been friends with this guy for about 5 years now (but had a crush on him the whole time) and we recently (within the past 6 weeks or so) established that we are interested in each other (I brought up the conversation) as more than just friends.

I don't think it's that important if you really like them and you have a great emotional connection but my friends totally disagree with me. It is very important to have a great emotional connection, but how are you going to keep the connection strong with out backing it up.

Are you going to believe that your partner finds you pretty, and attractive if he doesn't want to touch or kiss you ?

Against this single, but substantial, argument, is a whole host of reasons why the partners of people engaged in an emotional affair, may feel cheated on: 1. Long-term relationships are built on trust, and the revelation that a partner has been sharing their innermost thoughts with someone else is likely to take its toll on that trust.

Hello all, I'd just like to know what people's experiences have been when starting to date someone - as far as physical contact is concerned.

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