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The Saints Row 4 panel will take place Saturday, July 20 at p.m.

PT in room 7AB and will be moderated by Aubrey Norris, the dangerously excitable director of marketing and PR at Deep Silver.

Just a few years ago, O’Brien’s sense of humor was still viewed by NBC executives as too unusual and young-skewing, sparking fears that he couldn’t hold onto the broader, older audience of , and his abrupt replacement with the program’s previous host Leno, seems like a lifetime ago.

In the intervening years, old hands like Leno, Letterman, Craig Ferguson, and Jon Stewart have all retired, and now O’Brien, the longest-tenured late-night host in the business, firmly occupies the middle of the road.

Correction for partial track fading is achieved by heating the natural sample and its irradiated aliquot for 30 days at 150°C.

So it’s no wonder , and then jumped to TBS after a bitter contract dispute over Leno’s re-hiring.

O’Brien’s departure from a daily format would mark a real end of an era that has already begun to pass into memory, and would make Jimmy Kimmel the longest-running late-night host on the air.

This point is illustrated by reference to studies in Alaska, Ethiopia and the Indian subcontinent.

Conan O’Brien was once the upstart of the late-night comedy world, a pretender to the throne hoping to one day rise to the level of luminaries like Jay Leno and David Letterman.

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